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Grades for Biol 470/570 will be based on the criteria listed below.
1. Semester Project. The semester project accounts for 60% of each student's grade. Instructors will evaluate:
     a. Success of the project (40%). A project is successful to the extent that it shows novelty and utility. An ambitious project will be ranked more highly than a less ambitious project. Spectacular failures, that is, projects that have some tragic flaw that would prevent their implementation, might well be considered successful if they show sufficient creative effort.
     b. Presentation (20%). A successful project presentation engages the audience. The speaker is clear and concise. The slides illustrate key points visually. All students will evaluate each presentation, and student evaluations will be read by the instructors. Supplementary materials (a written report, a web site, a business plan, or a model or working prototype) will be evaluated as part of the presentation.
2. Class Participation. Class participation accounts for 40% of each student's grade. Instructors will evaluate:
     a. Ongoing participation (10%). Students are expected to participate in class and online discussions throughout the course.
     b. Collaboration on Semester Projects (10%). Students are encouraged to collaborate with other students on semester projects, even if their own projects are entirely unrelated. Students should identify all major collaborators on their own project and describe their contributions.
     c. Notebooks (20%). Students should keep journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, and so on throughout the course. Instructors will review the notebooks and other materials periodically and at the end of the course.