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Guest Lecture - Lynne T. Bemis and Linda Burhansstipanov

Pablo Fred Sisneros

The main topic of discussion was energizers. They are good to gauge your audience. It gets people moving to help them be more awake and alert. It takes one to two minutes to do one and can be some simple questions to games. Games are a very good way to present knowledge in a fun way. Also, we talked a lot about the different kinds of grants that we can apply for. SBR's Phase I and STTR's are going to be the grants that are bests suited for me.


  1. Are these games patented and do I need permission to use them?
  2. Are there times other than the lack of time where energizers would not be appropriate?
  3. Could you apply for a Phase I grant, and when applying for Phase II part of it apply for another Phase I using the same information that was used to apply for Phase II?

Future Directions:

  1. Research what grants I am most likely to receive.
  2. Research what activities are the most productive.
  3. Research what questions are best to ask in order to gauge your audience.