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Guest Lecture - Miguel Gandert

Regina Rendon

Miguel Gandert showed us creativity through the art of photography. We learned of his past and how of his journey to becoming what he is now. He gave us great insight into his cultural history which helped me to understand his photographs and perspective. He read us many quotes and talked to us about how he is inspired and we also saw many of his photos. He talked to us about how he shoots photos and encouraged spontaneity. We also learned of some of the techniques associated with created a powerful photo.


  1. What other locations in New Mexico and the US have you photographed?
  2. Do you find that film or photographs are more appropriate for certain situations?
  3. What are some of your failures as an instructor and photographer and how have they changed the way you work now?

Future Directions:

  1. Use photos to become a more visual learner in biology.
  2. Begin to think of the world as if I am photographing it, therefore I can become more aware of my visual surroundings.
  3. Use photos to create a cultural identity for myself.