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Guest Lecture - Rex Jung

Amber Leigh Ortiz

Dr. Jung gave a talk on Monday entitled Creativity and Genius. From the title of his talked I believed like most that Genius or intelligence was linked to heightened creativity. From Dr. Jung's talk I have learned that they may be interrelated but not connected. During his talk he first explained about the lies associated with creativity. Creativity does not rely on Intelligence and explained that simply because Einstein was a genius does not link him to creativity. We side tracked onto IQ test and Dr. Jung explained they are a good source of predictability of intelligence. They can predict income, longevity, and education level but, he went on to explain that this is only at or above the age or eight and only in Western Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic groups.

Dr. Jung gave us the definition of creativity: "Production of something novel and useful within a social context." Then we discussed what it takes to be creative and that is: You need many ideas even though they may not all work it is the amount of ideas you have that will help you to increase your creativity. And finally he gave us the five P's. Prepare, Practice, Play, Produce and Persevere. Respectively, one must collect ideas to put together in novel ways, 10,000 hours or 10 year is required to become an expert, unstructured cognitive activity or downtime is required, one must put many ideas out in the world, and lastly keep trying and failing and trying!!!

3 Question I Could Ask

  1. How will you track changes in STEM students who (@ 16) have exposure to more information like MESA and AP course versus and general HS education?
  2. Through the STEM field will you separate the different engineering fields? (EE, MechE, ChemE, NucE, CivilE, CS)
  3. How will/do you measure creativity in different disciplines? As novel and useful mean different things to each discipline.

3 Ideas To Take His Research:

  1. I would like to test the difference in creativity and time point the changes in Industry versus PhD/Lab PI
  2. I would like to test of BMS research creativity (a research of more direct links to human life impact) versus research in Math, Biology, Botany, and Computer Science (Can be seen as theoretical or without human impact)
  3. I would like to track the changes at each level of education: Preschool, Kindergarten, Elm, Mid, HS, College, PhD, Job
       a. I would also like to know if there is a difference in creativity levels of students who attend preschool and kindergarten versus those who only attend kindergarten