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Guest Lecture - Rex Jung

Justin Burr

The main point of the presentation was on creativity and the different research that has been conducted on creativity. The first point that caught my attention was the thought that you have to be a genius to be creative. This of course is not true because all people fit under a bell curve of creativity and nobody has no creativity. I thought it was neat how accurate IQ test are I didn't think they were very accurate at all and how the Flynn effect fits into IQ. A Quote I really liked was "in order to have great ideas you must have lots of ideas." This is so true so many people that have wonderful ideas have failed many times before their great idea. I am interested to see the results for his new study on STEP students and see how they compare to the results of his prior study. I liked the proof of how you can learn creativity because as you use your brain the nerve cells strengthen, the example he gave was juggling. Last he talked about the five P's for creativity, prepare, practice, play, produce, and preserve all are needed for optimum creativity.

Three questions I didn't ask:

  1. Can you lose your creativity if you do not use it?
  2. Are there any health benefits to being creative over not being creative?
  3. Are people that live in rural areas more creative than people that live in industrial areas?

Three future directions I would take the discussion:

  1. Do research on people throughout their life and see if the amount of creativity they have varies.
  2. Maybe do research to see if altering with a person's brain can make them more creative or if creativity has to be learned.
  3. Find out if as humans we are becoming more creative over time or if we are slowly becoming less creative.