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Guest Lecture - Rex Jung

Olivia Pena

There are some lies that most people beleive about creativity. 1)you have to be a genius to be creative. Creativity exists on a bell curve meaining that creativity is distributed somewhat evenly. We also learned that intlelligence and creativity are two different things. Creativity includes many different areas of the brain and brain connectivity while intelligence can be measured in specific areas. 2) Creativity is associated with madness.

The idea that you must have many ideas to come up with a creative idea was reiterated. Decreased myelination has been associated with both, brain diseases and creativity. Finally the way to be better at being creative is to Prepare, Practice, Play, Produce, Persevere.


  1. Does the taller equals smarter correlation work worldwide, or must it be applied within an ethnic group?
  2. How has the shortened attention span caused by things such as television and radio impacted creativity and intelligence levels?
  3. How does a degenerative disease such as alzheimer's affect creativity?


  1. I would study creativity correlations with age.
  2. Study creativity correlation with intelligence levels.
  3. How does obsessive compulsive disorder relate to creativity?