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Guest Lecture - Rex Jung

Regina Rendon

Rex's lecture began with a discussion on intelligence. He declared a difference between intelligence and creativity and clarified that his studies on creativity and intelligence are specific to western culture. We began our discussion of creativity with "the ugly". An "ugly" example was his definition of Plebeophobia and Mentallyillophia. We also discussed the concept of HORRNI which is the over interpretation of neuropsychological research. The lecture then included talk about "the good". This included Rex's 5P's- prepare, practice, play, produce, and persevere. We discussed some of the negative aspects of brainstorming and he referenced the brainstorming article that Maggie sent to us a few weeks back. He also talked about creativity and how it relates to his preparation, incubation, illumination and verification plan. Rex then mentioned "the bad". One of the main ideas I focused on here was his question about where to start looking. He then talked about his future plans on studying scientific creativity.


  1. How does measuring creativity and intelligence differ in "WEIRD" vs "NON-WEIRD" societies?
  2. Why do you refer to intelligence as being not trainable?
  3. Why do you think there hasn't been much research on intelligence or creativity in geniuses?

Future Directions:

  1. Rex said that he planned on using transcranial direct current stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation to study creativity. These methods were very interesting to me and were a part of my project list 1 and I would be interested to see how they relate to the study of creativity and to intelligence.
  2. I would like to see a study on creativity in people who have genius IQ's and how that compares to someone with a normal IQ.
  3. Creativity in a WEIRD society vs. creativity in an NON-WEIRD society. How and why are they different?