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Guest Lecture - Maggie Werner-Washburne

Pablo Fred Sisneros

We are teaching biology with drawings and modes, in which case, it is harder to grasp the different concepts. It is helpful to get down to the size of the cells, or be what you are trying to study. Example: Einstein came up with the speed of light by imagining himself riding a beam of light. Also the different approaches that one would use depending on the type of biologist a person is. We need to be more versatile in the way that we think.


  1. Are there a lot of bacterial that are quiescent?
  2. How do you imagine yourself as something or the size of something that is more abstract, like a program of an idea?
  3. Can one culture mitochondria by themselves?

Three future directions I would take this:

  1. Research what treatments treat multiple mitochondrial disorders and can they be manipulated/ supplemented to interact or treat other disorders.
  2. Make a video game that allows you to interact at different levels and sizes inside cells.
  3. Research the genome and identify all the genes that are related to mitochondrial function, development, interactions, etc.