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Guest Lecture - Gabriel Montano

Amber Leigh Ortiz

Gabriel Montano from CINT came to discuss “Bio-inspired Materials Design-Form: A Biologists point of view”. This was so great because it has a lot to do what the research I have done for the last 4.5 years and what I want to do in the future. I loved how he said nano is where biology happens because that it seems is what Maggie has been trying to get us to do this whole semester, get down to the level of creativity but also biology.

I think it would be great if Gabriel also talked about the opportunities for students at the University to do research at CINT. The site is so state of the art there are only a few MRSECs in the nation like it. I know a few students who work there through AIMS/UNM and through the chem department. The research there is amazing and I think he could have a whole class/seminar series on the CINT alone and the paths the researchers there have taken.

I really enjoyed his circular journey to where he is now. It’s great to see the direction someone takes and how the path affects the life choices and decisions. Going to graduate school soon and now knowing where I will be heading after it is great to see a similar scientist and his path.

3 Question I Could Ask

  1. Are there any “FDA-like” regulations in these materials?
  2. Can you combine ChNE and Bio to create artificial membrane that can be used as a tissue model with the scope?
  3. Is it hard to focus with such high interdisciplinary cross over?

3 Ideas To Take His Research:

  1. I would like to create false membranes by creating a revers image much like soft lithography
  2. 2. I would like to see a study of how his photography changes with a subject matter that in not known to him.
  3. 3. I think studying the characterization of surfaces to lead to creating a false membrane model would be great!