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Guest Lecture - David Pablo Cohn

Regina Rendon

This lecture was all about the success that comes from failing. Pablo encouraged the class with stories of his past failures and projects. He gave us the 4 rules to success: plan for failure, fail quickly, learn from failure, and iterate as necessary. He talked to us about Google labs and we discussed ways that we could personally learn to fail better. We were all given a copy of "Pretotyping" and students talked about their projects and we were able to hear Pablo's perspectives.


  1. Do you think there is a time when you failed too quickly?
  2. Do you ever feel like planning for failure discourages enthusiasm or creativity?
  3. What are some post mortem activities that will help me learn from failure?

Future Directions:

  1. Define the failures of my past projects and think about what I can learn from them.
  2. Plan for failure with my new project...what might go wrong?
  3. Apply the four rules to success outside of this project/class.