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Project Submission

Final project submissions are due on Monday, May 7, 2012.

What is required for your project. As described on the Grading page, the semester project is 60% of your grade. Also, as described on the Grading page, supplementary materials (a written report, a web site, a business plan, or a model or working prototype) will be evaluated as part of the presentation.

Student projects in this course are varied. Students produce physical prototypes, websites, and multimedia materials (videos and audio files). Other students are producing only a "white paper." Your supplementary material should adequately support your project. If you are producing a "white paper" only, you should plan on 5,000 words of text supported by tables and figures if necessary. If you are submitting other project materials (prototypes, websites, or multimedia submissions) you should also submit sufficient text to support this submission. The text for such a submission might be the results of a survey, the script for an audio or video submission, a description of the process that you used to develop the project and your plans to take the project forward.

If you have any questions about whether your planned submission is satisfactory, you should contact Maggie or Paul. You can ask to speak to either of us privately, or raise the subject in class or in discussion section.

Submitting your material. When you do share your work with us via email, please think of the following things.

  1. Where to send work. It is best to send your work to both Maggie and Paul so that we can both see it right away.
  2. File names. There are eighteen students in the class. It is easier for us to deal with attached files if they include your name. We have received a lot of files with titles like "class project" or "my project." Please think about what it is like to be on the receiving end of this before you send.
  3. Format. The simplest way for you to share your work with us is as plain text in the body of an email. Attachments of Word documents are harder for us to post on the website because of all the peculiar characters and formatting. You can include figures as simple image attachments to an email. You can indicate the placement of figures in the text as parenthetical notes (Figure 1 here).
  4. Weird formats. A group of creative people like yourselves often rebel against simple formats. If your project cannot be presented as text and images, please discuss your format with us. Videos that are not finished can be sampled with frame grabs and sent as a few still photos. Audio files can be uploaded to our site if they are in a format that we can work with (e.g. mp3s). Finished videos can be uploaded to YouTube; we will embed them in the class website. If you use a weird format without discussing it with us, we may not be able to see your work at all. We use Macs with some fairly standard software and might not have your favorite software. If you are a PC person we might not be able to see work in a weird format under any circumstances. Remember that the goal of this class is to have everyone's work presented to best advantage on our website.

Posting of projects. All submissions will be posted on the Class Projects page. You can see projects in various states of completion in the Round Three section. Final project submissions will be posted in the We Ship section.