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Class Projects


Anna Bancroft, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. How can we reduce obesity? Could something like a portable insulin level monitor help?
2. Improved Contact Lenses. Why aren't there transition contact lenses?
3. Learning and Pregnancy. What prompts the swift increase in learning capacity (synapse formation) during pregnancy and shortly thereafter? Do similar effects occur on BCPs? Could the biological conditions be created at other times/ for men?
4. Extreme Take-out. What if the people in Ethiopia could order food on the internet?
5. Improved Bandaids. How could bandaids hurt less on removal? Is there a safe/non-annoying way to make them dissolvable?
6. Edible Disposables. How can disposables be more eco-friendly? Edible Styrofoam-like material? "my drink cup is cherry-flavored!"
7. Low Gravity. What could low gravity do for medical treatments?
8. Omni-tred. Can we prompt Americans to lose weight by giving them more physical video gaming? Omni-tred: the Virtual Reality Human Hamster Ball to play all your favorite MMOs and FPSs while getting in your cardio.
9. Smart Pantry/Fridge/etc. What if there was an app that calculated your food/good usage, tracked how much you had, and sent an order out for whatever you need to be delivered to your doorstep?
10. Channel pod. Makeup takes a long time to apply; could the Channel pod from the 5th element really be created? Perhaps with small depth camera (like Kinect), facial point recognition software, and replaceable cartridges to change colors.