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Class Projects


Anna Bancroft, Project List, 2/5/2012

1. Learning and Pregnancy. During and for some time after pregnancy women experience a significant increase in the rate of synapse formation, increasing their learning capacity, much like is experienced in early years of life. The purpose of this project is to determine the biological conditions that cause this state and artificially reproduce them in non-pregnant and/or non-female humans.
2. Channel Pod/Facebox. In many industrialized countries women are encouraged and expected to wear makeup on a daily basis. The acts of cleaning off and reapplying makeup can be very costly in terms of time. The aim of this project is to create a functioning makeup application system that requires only minutes to seconds to complete a full-face makeover. Spin-offs include a facial cleanser system and skin treatment device (such as anti-aging/moisturizer or medical treatment for surgical/burn recovery).
3. Omni-tred. Obesity in America is reaching ever-higher numbers every year while video games, especially those related to social networking sites like Facebook, continue to increase in popularity. The goal of this project is to design hardware and a user interface which allows a user to interact with a virtual game world by physical movement. Integration with social networking, cell phones, and internet browsers would enhance this project. Spin-offs include physical therapy and monitored child play-pens.
4. Fit Car With the advent of automated functions and fully automated automobiles, the driver is becoming more and more removed from the minute-to-minute process of driving their vehicle. The time in which the driver is no longer directly engaged in driving could be productively utilized for health and improve awareness. The goal of this project is to design an optional exercise method that would simultaneously increase fitness and keep the driver focused on the performance of the vehicle and road hazards.