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Class Projects


Bernadette Correa, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. Waste Not Want Not. Utilize unused surface areas of buildings for solar energy harvesting.
2. Build a Better Mousetrap. ...in this case a solar panel. Create a more efficient solar panel by re-thinking the overall design, incorporate layers.
3. Driving Ms. Daisy, the remake. All automatic grids eliminate human drivers, coordinate routes, and works as public transportation. No more personal vehicles.
4. Zombie Survival 101. Governments, Airports, and Hospitals all have an emergency plan or guide should they find themselves under siege by the undead so why not a home version for the rest of us!
5. Turning? A device that is placed in vehicles that does not allow a person to turn or switch lanes unless the turn signal is on.
6. School Zones. Automatically syncs with vehicles once they enter a school zone during "flashing" times and slows the cars/trucks down to the adjusted speed until they exit the zone.
7. Heated Squeegee. Hand-held squeegee that heats as it goes. To be used in the morning when you just don't have enough time to scrape the ice off the windshield.
8. Lights Out! Device that works with a "nanny cam" sort of system to turn off/on the electricity to equipment. Designed for the parents of teenagers who come home from school before mom and dad. Parents can see if chores, homework, etc. has been done before turning the electricity back on remotely.
9. Tea Bag Squeezer. A simple contraption that will squeeze your hot tea bag for you. No more hot fingers!
10. Roomba for the Car. Works like a Roomba but for the car.