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Class Projects


Davynne Atanasoff, Project List, 1/25/2012

1. My First Markers. Having an incorrect utensil hold can result in weakness of various hand muscles. Occupational therapists spend much of their time reteaching children how to write and color holding the utensil correctly. The aim of this project is provide a marker that can only be held the correct way. This marker will eliminate thumb wrap and fist grip when holding the marker.
2. Mirror Mirror On The Wall. Low self-esteem in young girls is becoming a growing problem. The aim of this project is to instill the value of confidence in these young girls. An interactive mirror, modeled off the Disney movie Snow White, which says positive things about the people looking in the mirror. The child would ask, "Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful of them all?" The mirror would reply various responses such as, "Abby is the most beautiful of them all because she is loving, caring, and has a big heart."
3. Nut Spray. Nut allergies are one of the most common allergies today, and can be one of the most deadly. The aim of this product is to lessen allergic reactions due to nuts. A nontoxic spray that an individual with nut allergies can spray on their food before it is consumed can mean the difference between life and death as well as give the individual reassurance. It the spray turns a certain color (let's say bright green) because it reacts to a protein found only in nuts, then the individual knows that item contains some sort of nuts. I would love to specify these into the overall nut category as well as specific categories such as almond and walnut.
4. Nail Polish Eraser. The aim of this product is to make it easier to correct a mistake while painting designs on toenails. A fine tip pen that allows you to erase nail polish would be perfect for accomplishing this goal.
5. Art Mat. The aim of this goal is to make it easier to set up and wash an area for an art project. A machine washable mat, that both folds and attaches to itself by Velcro, would allow it to fit most tables as well as make it an easy clean up.
6. Ice Be Gone. The aim of this product is to eliminate the hassle of scrapping ice off window shields. A spray that can be placed on car windows that would keep the glass above freezing would be perfect to accomplish this goal. The spray would be safe to use on all glass and would only need to be applied once a month.
7. All-N-One Lunchbox. The aim of this product is to keep lunch items at ideal temperatures without having to find a storing place that does so. A temperature controlled lunchbox which would keep lunch items cold and with a flip of a switch could heat it up to the desired temperature (much like a miniature microwave), would be an ideal solution to this problem.
8. Date Me Tupperware. Everybody has experienced looking in the refrigerator and trying to remember how long that Tupperware of pasta has been in there. The aim of this product is to eliminate the question. Tupperware that has date dials on it that can easily be maneuvered to set the date when the item was made can let you easily see how long the food has been sitting in the fridge.
9. Grip Me Sheet. The aim of this product is provide a sheet that will not slip, be machine washable, and can easily be taken on and off things. This product would be ideal of occupational and physical therapists to use on top of mats, which are often shared and not sanitized between uses. These sheets can easily be used on top of the mats when they are being used and taken off when the individual is done.
10. Take Myself Out Trashcan. The aim of this product is to eliminate the hassle of trying to remember to take the trash to the road on trash day. A trash can that can be programed to take itself to the road on the night before "trash day" would eliminate the hassle of manually taking the trash to the road and be one less thing to have to remember in our hectic lives.