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Class Projects


Davynne Atanasoff, Project List, 2/5/2012

1. My First Markers. Having an incorrect utensil hold can result in weakness of various hand muscles. Learning to hold the utensil when first learning to write or color is usually the corporate in forming the bad habit of holding the utensil incorrectly. Occupational therapists spend much of their time reteaching children how to write and color holding the utensil correctly. The aim of this project is provide a marker that can only be held the correct way. This marker will be designed in a way that eliminate thumb wrap and fist grip while holding the marker. Advertising this marker as the first markers children should own will prevent them from developing the bad habit of holding the marker incorrectly. If the bad habit is never formed than that will be one less thing that occupational therapists will have to work on and they will be able to use their time on other problems.
2. Nut Tester Kit. Nut allergies are one of the most common allergies today, and can be one of the most deadly. The aim of this product is to lessen allergic reactions due to nuts. A small, inexpensive kit that an individual can put a small sample of their food in to test for the presence of nuts could mean the difference of life and death. These kits would be portable and easily kept in a pocket or purse. If the food did contain nuts the food in the container would turn bright green, signaling to the individual that the food was not safe to eat. I would love to specify these into the overall nut category as well as specific categories such as almond and walnut.
9. Grip Me Sheet. The aim of this product is to provide a sheet that will not slip, is machine washable, and can easily be taken on and off things. This product would be ideal of occupational and physical therapists. Because of their busy schedule, these therapists do not have a lot of clean/set up time in between patients. This product would be perfect to use on top of mats, which are often shared and not sanitized between uses. These sheets can easily be used on top of the mats when they are being used and taken off when the individual is done. They would be inexpensive enough that they could buy a large amount of them and not think twice about changing them between patients.