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Class Projects


Elizabeth Terese Montano, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. Chili Picker. This product is for the chili farmers, it will help them keep their farms for longer in life. The idea is a robotic chili picker that goes into the field and can decipher between really ripe and ripe chili, and hot medium and mild (in NM we call these Big Jim, Sandia, Rio Grande etc).
2. Pooper Scooper. This product is for farmers and pet owners of all ages. This is the pooper scooper version of the vacuum that runs continuously. This product must be all terrain, able to recognize fecal material from any animal species, and stop when full.
3. Nook-A-Like. This product is for everyone. The idea is a nook-like device able to upload books, journals etc. that reads the document to you (whether its been made available in audio or not), is voice recognized and hand controlled, has the ability to make margin notes and highlight, and have document sharing. For example if I were listening to Linchpin and liked a particular paragraph or phrase I could say highlight from word X to word Y. I could also say add note speak the note and say play to keep on rolling along.
4. Where am I. This product is for cavers and cave scientists. It is a mechanism for identifying exactly where in the cave you have sampled. This product should have the ability to capture the exact location of where your sample is being taken from (NSEW and Depth), take you back to that exact location, upload this location in the map of the cave, and have the ability to take photographs.
5. Traffic Alerts. There is a need for drivers to become more aware that there is something in the road, roadwork, police pulled over, a stalled vehicle etc. A device should be made in all cars that pans out X number of miles and can recognize oddities in the road so when there is a tire in the road or a mattress or a dog a red box will appear in the area where it is in the road ahead to warn you.
6. Go Get 'em Tiger. This product is for golfers, military, and police. It will pick up golf balls, and another version will pick up the gun shells on a shooting range. There is no use in spending valuable time picking these items up by hand.
7. Plug Ouster. Lets get rid of all of the plugs. This idea is that a central device located in every room has the same software to be programmed in and thus turn on. For example the projectors talk to the computer. What if we had a projecter like device that could talk to our television, alarm clock, PC, curling irons and blow driers, anything we plug in will be made with a chip that can be programmed to the central info device. Taking this even further all of these devices can sync to your phone so if you left the coffee machine on it can be turned off.
8. Timely Shield. This is for the people who have poor night vision but enjoy the tint of their car windows during the day. It is making car window tint like the glasses we have. Also to get rid of those origami windshield visors vehicles should have a button that releases one built into the car with the brand logo on it. We have these for the sun roofs, why not the windshield?
9. Tidy Microbes. This is for microbiologists with limited space. Incubators are not space efficient in the way they are built. The shelves leave a lot of unusable space between and above/below them. The idea is to create moveable parts and many holes to place racks especially for plates and tubes (even a lazy susan type deal) to maximize space.
10. Plate Bag Company. This is also for the microbiologists. This idea is for a company that makes and distributes the bags that the plates we buy come in so that we do not have to use ziplock bags that are nowhere near the size and shape we need when a plate bag tears or gets overused.
11. Personal BAC Test. This is a device that can more accurately test your blood alcohol content and mimics the design of the blood glucose levels that diabetics use. This may have field applications but is certainly good for personal usage and is more discrete than those currently existing.
12. Dude Where's My Car/Keys/Remote/Wallet/Purse. This is for those of us that cannot remember where we parked our car but the signal from your keys doesn't travel far enough to hear your car from any great distance. This is for people who cannot remember where their purse is or in the case of theft, etc. The idea is a location device that is small can be placed in anything and can be located at any distance. Multiple location devices can be used and synced to the same phone where the location will be visible on a map.
13. Improve the Panoramic Camera. The panoramic camera is great except for one thing, the second you tilt it downward it is useless. Let's make a 360 panoramic camera, up down side to side.