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Class Projects


Elizabeth Terese Montano, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. Waste Management. Waste production, collection, and management are a problem. Waste ranges from chemical, mineral, material, and organismal. This project is aimed at helping the collection of non human biotically produced waste such as that produced by farm and domesticated animals. The idea is a mechanical (unmanned) machine to get the job done.
2. Communication. The receiving and sending of mass and diverse information are a problem. Communication mechanisms include neurons, cells, chemicals, radar, satellites, media and senses. This project is aimed at improving the information receiving and sending during travel.
3. Storage. The storage and maintenance of anything is a problem, especially when what you are storing is live and must be kept so. This project is specific for improving the storage for bacterial cultures. This includes the holder we use for storage, better space usage (incubator), and culture maintenance (alive, avoids condensation etc). The primary focus right now is finding a new or improving the current baggies we use to hold the culture plates. There is not a company that makes only the baggies that the plates come in. This is problematic because we result to ziplock baggies. Things to include in the fix are possible reusage, information updating, sterility, size and shape.