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Class Projects


Justin Allen Burr, Project List, 1/29/2012

1. New bag for chips. This bag will be useful when you are getting towards the bottom of the bag of chips. It is a bag that you can tear off and reseal so that you don't have to get your hands all salty and greasy reaching all the way to the bottom of the bag. The design I was thinking of was a combination of Ziploc bags interconnected together.
2. Windshield wipers that won't freeze. This will be useful in very cold weather conditions, you have defrost to stop your windows from freezing but if it is cold and snowing your windshield wiper will collect ice on them. It would be nice to have heated wiper blades so this would not happen.
3. A way to educate people on the impact of throwing litter in the wild. This would help with keeping animals from getting trapped in the trash and it will also help keep the wild beautiful. It could be made mandatory to take this course in high school or a little course when getting your license.
4. A solar powered cup or mug. This would be used for either heating up or cooling down your drink. It could have solar panels around the cup so it gets its power from the sun. It would be nice for those hot summer days or cold winter nights to keep your drink either cold or warm.
5. A golf ball that has a tracking device located within it. I would love this because if you have ever played golf you know it is a pain looking for your ball in the weeds or tall grass. This ball would have a tracking device that would let you know where your ball was at all times. It would have to be able to take the impact of the club hitting it and also when it comes down and hits the ground but it would be inside the middle of the ball so this should help protect it.