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Class Projects


Lauren Erica Davis, Project List, 1/29/2012

1. Starvation. There is enough food grown in the world so that if it were properly distributed no one need starve, but because so much of it is tied up in fuel such as ethanol and the production of livestock starvation is a reality for millions of people. The aim of this project is to end starvation by redistributing food and ensuring that all farmland is used to raise crops for food rather than energy etc.
2. Composting. A lot of our resources are wasted because we throw them away things that could be reused. Recycling is becoming more mainstream in many countries and cities, but composting is still very limited in the united states. Compost could replace fertilizers an many gardens if cities made it available. The aim of this project is to design a composting program that could be easily utilized by cities to reduce waste.
3. Lobby for normal people. Major corporations have lobbies which represent them to the government and they have a lot of influence. The aim of this project would be to start a lobby for the average American where people pay in to a fund and then vote on important issues which will then be taken to Washington and presented before the government.
4. Cultural complexity. Cultural misunderstandings are common and can cause problems. The aim of this project would be to create a class that could be taught in high school which would teach kids about culture and how to understand people from other cultural backgrounds.
5. Water, water. As the earth warms and glaciers melt sources of fresh water will be depleted. The aim of this project is to design a filter for sea water which will exchange ions in salt water for vitamins and minerals.
6. Computer keyboards. Current computer keyboards are awkward and designed to slow typing down, but people are so used to it that switching to keyboards with different configurations is difficult. The aim of this project would be to design a more natural, easier to use keyboard and a training program that would teach people to use it.
7. Dress for the weather. I can never seem to dress appropriately for the weather, so the aim of this project would be to design a panel that could be hung on, or inserted into a closet door that would display the current temperature and the forcasted highs and lows for the day, and then make wardrobe suggestions based on what is in my closet at the moment.
8. Indoor greenhouse. My plants always die during the winter because I keep my apartment too cold, so the aim of this project would be to design an indoor greenhouse that I could set up inside during the winter. It would be heated, humidified and have a lighting system which could be switched on to provide extra light for evenings. It would be small enough to fit indoors, and it will be translucent to allow light but thick enough to keep heat in.