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Class Projects

Lauren Erica Davis, 2/20/2012

1. Statement of Problem: In modern cities a lot of waste is generated, most of which could be cycled back into useful materials which could be reused, but because of bad planning and lack of awareness, it is thrown into landfills, sewers, rivers, etc., and pollutes air, water, land etc. If a majority of waste could be reused then we could have less negative impact on ecosystems, oceans and the environment in general.

2. Separation: categories of human waste generation:

3. Focus: I will focus my project on minimizing household waste since it is a major source of waste production, but with properly designed living areas waste reduction could be simple and easily managed.

4. Separate:

5. Possible solution: The purpose of this project will be to design an apartment building which will greatly reduce waste in all these areas.

6. Four step process:

7. Future work:

More information is needed on:


International Living Building Institute

living buildings - voice-over Powerpoint from the International Living Building Institute.

Composting toilets