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Class Projects


Maggie Werner-Washburne, Project List, 1/26/2012

1. Morning World Summary! News from different papers presented with short blurbs and comparisons of news stories - what is everyone reporting on and what unique areas are presented in different papers.
2. Don't Lose that Data! Better computer organization - remove duplicate files and have easier ways to find old data. Losing student data on computers and back ups is an enormous problem for biology right now.
3. Self-organizing memo files between offices. Including a smaller than an iPad device for entering info by hand levels of email - so that ongoing interactions get a higher priority or are tagged. Currently available apps:
AK Notepad - problem - not on my phone.
Catch Notes also not on my phone - will try with iPad.
Zoho notebook not on phone. Sync with Google Calendar?
4. Easier online discussion/teaching. Why doesn't Google Hangout have a slide Share and write/doodle/white board feature?
5. Change the education planet.
  • Document and write a book about Discovery and Innovation, and other approaches towards opening students' minds to be more creative and innovative.
  • Time out - get 10 at risk high school boys (start with jrs/srs maybe) and teach them their courses with the framework of Discovery and Innovation or teaching for imagination and innovation.
  • Dream on - small grants for high school and college students to start small businesses, mentored by creative entrepreneurs.
6. Change the face of mentoring. Locally and nationally, help people understand that mentoring programs are different from advising or ad hoc mentoring and can really get results in terms of successful student outcomes.
7. Mentoring Waterfall. Have trained mentors to help targeted mentoring groups at UNM go viral. Help students get to the point of distinguishing useful mentoring from guesses.
8. Trial periods at different jobs for faculty and administrators. We have no idea whether we have all the right people in all the right positions, in fact, I would bet we don't. There should be a program that allows people to switch jobs for 2 weeks as a refresher and for both the person and their colleagues to see if the other job is a better fit. This is to maximize the potential of people we have in place here.
9. Get a Life! An ongoing seminar/discussion series for UNM students to learn about different careers and educational trajectories, meet experts in the field, and be able to "imagine" themselves in this position.
10. Out of the Box! Nonstandard advising by experts in the field, aimed at helping students really understand what they are learning - theory, how to think about things, ask questions, etc.