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Class Projects


Olivia Pena, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. Patient Restraints. Find a better design for patient restraints in a hospital setting. The goal of this project is to decrease the occuance of patient skin breakdown due to the chafing of skin, as well as to increase health care worker safety.
2. Warning System. A device used to insure that patient isolation precautions are known. This will help to prevent anyone from entering a patient room where infectious diseases or airborne diseases are present without the prior knowledge of protection required.
3. Antibiotic replacement. Find some other type of antibacterial agent than current antibiotics to be used after birth. This will help prevent such diseases as asthma and allergies that occur as a result of antibiotic use.
4. Water Provision. Water wells are expensive to build. There is a lot of available fresh water in tropical regions. This project will help to provide cheap water availability to those living in tropical areas without the need for a well.
5. Space utility. Art that can fold down to become a table. This will better utilize space and provide work space in small or crowded areas.
6. Prison Protocol. Many mentally ill people are in jails and prisons because society simply doesn't know what to do with them. We can find a protocol that will help to better deal with this problem.
7. Migrane Treatment. Migrane sufferers have no treatment. This will help find treatment for migrane sufferers by study of LSD and possible analogues without addictive or hallucinatory qualities.
8. Patient transport. Patients are transported through hallways to rooms exposing nurses, other patients, and family members to infectious organisms. This project will find a preventative and safer method to transport and eliminate this risk.
9. Patient protocol. Many patients react violently in the hospital. This will use a new protocol to address patient mental stability when they enter the hospital and provide a new protocol for how these patients are reacted to.
10. Lanyards. Nurses have been choked by lanyards containing their IDs.This will provide a new, breakaway type of lanyard for nurses to increase safety.