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Class Projects


Olivia Pena, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. Warning System. A device used to insure that patient isolation precautions are known. This will help to prevent anyone from entering a patient room where infectious diseases or airborne diseases are present without the prior knowledge of protection required.
2. Antibiotic replacement. Antibiotic resistance is rising in the united states and especially in hospitals. This leads to infections that are very difficult to get rid of. Maybe there is a protocol that could be put into place for cleaning/clearing antibiotics from an area in order to prevent antibiotic resistance.
3. Migrane Treatment. Many people suffer from chronic migraines with no relief. LSD can cause migraine relief based on its structure resemblance to a serotonin. Maybe there is a naturally occurring serotonin, LSD analogue, or even a way to target the same center that's triggered by LSD.
4. Patient protocol. Patients enter the hospital and go through DT's, other drug withdrawals, suicidal attempts, etc. This can lead to the patient lashing out, becoming angry, agitated, or even violent. A protocol for treating these patients as well as a new way to deal with them could help to prevent the risk of injury to health care workers on duty.