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Class Projects

Olivia Pena, Project List, 3/19/2012


throughout the world. Information from WHO, CDC, and CIA.

top ranking diseases in north America are HIV, Cancer, Diabetes.

South America cholera

Asia cholera, HIV,

India TB, HIV

Europe second highest mortality rate
noncommunicable diseases

Russia HIV

Africa cholera, TB, HIV, Malaria
highest mortality rate in the world for men and women

Highest death rate in africa




TB is more likely to be contracted and kill in these countries because of the weakened immune system caused by HIV. This was too large of an area to work on so I switched the focus to migranes. Migraines are caused by swollen blood vessels pressing against nerves in the brain causing pain.


  1. why do blood vessels swell?
  2. what is the meaning of early warning signs such as weakness in arms or legs, numbess and tingling of lips, face, and hands.
  3. why do people get aura's preceding a migraine?

Migraine triggers
stress, loud noises, noxious smells, foods, too much/little sleep.

Could anemia be linked with migraines?
30 million people in U.S. suffer from migraines. Usually adults 25-55yrs.
women are three times more likely, so this is likely a genetic or hormonal disease.
This problem has a lot of money in the form of grants going toward a solution. Already has alot of work being done on it. Too big of a problem.

Bug list came up with a shopping problem.
Don't like to do it.
takes too long.
can't find right size.
store doesn't have what i want or what is shown online.

The solution is an app that can be sold for one specific department store. This will decrease frustration and time spent. Also will save the store money by keeping an electronic inventory of everything in the store. This will allow a shopper to input their exact size into the app and show what in the store will fit and exactly where to find it. Will also provide pictures of what you are looking for. NO MORE trying on clothes for hours to see what works!!!! To be expanded and further researched. In the future, used for other things.