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Class Projects


Pablo Sisneros, Project List, 2/1/2012

1. Flashlight that takes in light photons. Like a vacuum so when you turn it on in the day it looks like it would in the absence of light. It would have to be reversible to release the photons that were absorbed.
2. Big Flashlight. Put something similar to the flashlight, but much larger on the top of large buildings and use the photons to power the building.
3. Energy from Sky and Space. Make a new material that is highly conductive as well as have the ability to absorb solar energy. Use this material to harvest electric clouds in the atmosphere. When the station is not collecting from a storm it can utilize the solar energy. Drop fully charged superconductors to the earth's surface, and either send the back or launch them for the station to retrieve.
4. Long Cord. Use fiber optics to transmit the energy from the station in orbit to a station that is on the earth's surface.
5. Beam It Down Make a transmitter that can channel the energy from the station that is in orbit to a station of series of several stations located on the earth's surface.
6. Heavy Load. Invent a really dense material that is very malleable. Create new underwear that is weighted so that every day activity gives you a little bit of a workout. The material has to be extremely dense so that the underwear can be discrete and also malleable so that it is reasonably inexpensive to use for other purposes.
7. Mentoring. Use the UNM students to prepare high school students prepare for college. Start a program that that goes to different high schools with advice for students. Things like study strategies, essay writing, test taking techniques, time management, etc. Use the different branches to reach the different high schools around the state.