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Class Projects


Regina Rendon, Project List, 2/8/2012

1. Smart Bar. An electronic that bartenders can use that will account for age, weight, sex and amount of food and alcohol consumed in order to help them know when their guests have had too much.
2. Anytime tutors. A way to contact a tutor at any time of the day/night to get help in any subject area, perhaps a website or phone app.
3. Fits like a glove. A form-fitting glove that can be used by those who work in hospitals, doctors offices, the food industry or anywhere where sanitation is an issue. This glove would be comfortable for all day wear and can be washed the same way you wash your hands to prevent drying skin.
4. Downloading music to my car. A built in ipod in your car that allows you to store and directly download music from your car.