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Class Projects

Regina Rendon, Time Management, 4/8/2012

Problem: Working and attending school don't leave enough time for studying.

Time issues with students who work:

  1. Study time
  2. Must meet a minimum amount of hours at work for any number of reasons (financial, required, legal...)
  3. Life time (Family/friends/alone/living)
  4. Commute time
  5. Prioritizing due to time conflicts

Project: (possible) Identify areas where time is needed the most.

  1. School (classes, study time, tutoring, mentoring...)
  2. Work
  3. Life (...)

An app that will allow me to view available time and better decide where to spend that available time.

The search for an existing app


  1. Create an app that is a scheduler designed for students who work and go to school.
    automatic schedule posting for employers who use online scheduling
    school schedule is linked to school (class websites, links to info for school...)
  2. Make this app a personalized "one stop shop" for every user.
  3. Easy, fast and simple to use.