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Class Projects


Stephanie Brunia, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. Proposal #1. I will work to make life-size tintype portraits. Ideally, this can be done with a camera, however, I am willing to accept that I may resort to creating these through a projection/print process. Aside from the logistics (material, chemicals, the limited timeframe of the chemical process, etc.), this project will marry an antiquated photographic process with current technical means for creating an image (spanning from digital techniques, to optical advancements, as well as potentially refining the chemical process).
2. Proposal #2. Over the past week, I have struggled with how to marry my expectations of this class with the notion of a class project. The term "project" can seem a bit limiting, and I kept thinking of it as a product or gadget. Ultimately, I am taking this class to try and understand what constitutes an innovation, and to better understand my own role in innovation. This quickly became a very grey area - as an artist, I am frequently used to dealing with making an object from an abstract idea or question. On many levels, that would be considered innovative, however, I do feel that even in a creative field, innovation is often lacking. My second project proposal (which I fully expect will morph throughout the semester) is to create an artistic manifesto - the exact final format is to-be-determined. In many ways, this is creating a box, the opposite of what this class seems to promote, but I have thought a lot about this project and feel that a personal artistic manifesto will help with the following:
  • help me determine how to live on the edges of my own boundaries
  • help to bring a clarity to ways in which I approach art (both my own art and others')
  • in an "everything goes" environment, the art world is currently lacking a cohesive voice, I would love to push collaborations with similarly-minded artists, and a manifesto is the way to begin those conversations
  • I also feel that a manifesto could offer a chance to reveal not only my own assumptions, but areas in which to be truly artistically innovative
I understand that this proposal is only the beginning of a project - my hope is that it will lead me to new ideas. I also propose to get my own community involved in this process. I foresee this project as a way of reaching out to my peers in the art community at UNM - my hope is that it will formulate deeper thoughts on the role and function of art in our culture, our role as makers of art, as well as our role as art educators (both inside and outside of the classroom).