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Class Projects


Sarah Kintner, Project List, 1/29/2012

1. Piezo-Started Crystal Light. A piezocrystal initiates a crystal cavity set to a distance that will take in a higher frequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum above the visible and drop the frequency down to a visible spectrum. The crystal light will not need an external power supply, but the entire frequency drop will be created in the internals of the synthesized crystal special inter-crystal spacing. The lasts for as long as you wish and is radiated in all directions.
2. Reflected Light Amplifying Light Screen Self Powering. A nanocrystal screen amplifies an incident light projection on the screen. The screen takes the original image and reflects an amplified image back ten to twenty time brighter in all directions without distortion. The image intensity reflected back is amplified by the input signal color triggering a resonant effect inside a nano-crystal that radiates the same color in all directions.
3. Dilemma Eraser. Software program that hears a dilemma in the room where the computer has a microphone input that recognizes "a dilemma" in the voice of the person in the room. The program plays 3 things to the person in the room:
  • Encourages positive viewpoint on the problem
  • The program tells the person that they can find a satisfying outcome (even if it is letting go temporarily.)
  • Gives an example of the way others have solved similar problems in history.
4. Lie-O-Meter. A walk through detector that reads the parts of the brain that indicate lying. The detector assigns different levels of lying to the brain lying activity. Suggested the Lie-O-Meter be placed in the entrance to the Capital so that all congressmen/women can be assessed before they enter the Senator or House of Representatives. Those congressmen/women that rate any of the level lying cannot enter the Capital building.
5. Magnetic/Electrical Container Cube. The no mess, non-physical container created from a four-sided interwoven electrical and magnetic fields. The resultant field are so small as to exclude the smallest atoms and subatomic particles. Cube properties:
  • A small voltage sets up the initial flat field where the object is placed upon the bottom in normal gravity.
  • The sides and top "walls" of the cube are instantly constructed as an impenetrable barrier located between the atomic spaces. The field is entirely electromagnetic and cannot be disturbed by surrounding matter or energy (internal or external).
  • The cube remains the same shape through a small voltage.
  • The cube can hold liquids or gases. The gases require a special filling interface where the cube buts up to the top of filling tube.
  • No atoms can interfere or degrade the material in the cube resulting in the ability of the cube to hold the contents over long periods of time.
  • The cube can be held in a vacuum to keep food stuffs fresh.
  • Cubes can be stacked within a special frame of a nonconductive plastic.
6. The Anti-gravity Ladder. An antigravity platform that can reach (float) to about 25 feet high and provide a stable platform to work from. The anti-gravity produced by countering the several anti-gravitational fields slowly until a maximum of 25 feet is reached.
7. Algae Biofuels Laboratory Lipid Capture System (Graduate Project). A small glass slide coated with a silica surface with a methyl group placed a chamber subjected to a homogenized stream of algae in a neutral solvent. The lipids attach to the surface of the silica methyl group.
8. Protocol To Isolate and Understand Genes for Neutral Lipid Production in Algae (Graduate Project). The protocol will identify the genes in the genetic sequences that determine the neutral production in algae. The steps to isolate the genes for the neutral lipids in the algae genome will be described. A method for tracking the genes turned on or off during neutral lipids production when the algae is subjected to different environmental extremes such as high light intensity, high heat and low temperature extremes.