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Class Projects


Terrill Yazzie, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. Wake me up. Trying to establish concentration, perception, and memory early in the morning is difficult. The aim of this project would be to develop mental techniques that help improve brain functioning without the use of caffeine or an energy drink.
2. Finding the right key. Many maintenance personnel and many people have hoards of keys and can't distinguish which key goes to which door. The aim of this project is to develop sensors in locks that recognize the key and help alleviate the hassle of going through each key. The key would have a lite up indicator to tell the person this is the key.
3. Prosthetic enhancement. Many people suffer from arthritis of the hands and have trouble doing everyday functions, such as opening doors and food items. The aim of this project will improve on current prosthetics and alter them so that they improve body function.
4. Save the ocean. It is believed that water perpetuates life. The Ocean is a vast ecosystem that must be protected. The aim of this project is to protect the ocean by developing ways of improving the primary productivity of the organisms by identifying the real picture of what bacteria are really there.
5. Keystone Species Keystone species play an important role in ecosystems. The aim of this project is to develop models that help in identifying which animals are considered keystone in their habitat to help identify which ecosystem could potentially be threatened if they are absent.
6. Biofuels. Tumbleweeds grow profusely around the desert. They are easily maintained and require very little water to produce robust biomass. The aim of this study would look at each species of weeds and determine which type would be suitable for biofuel generation.
7. Deep ocean exploration. Many oceanographers and marine biologist are greatly intrigued by the information that they could find in the vast crevices in the ocean floor. Unfortunately, the water pressure is an extreme factor decreasing exploration. The aim of this project would look at current prototypes of ocean surveillance equipment and create improvements in their function and data collection potential.
8. Bacteria Identification Many culturing techniques are bias by not identifying the true bacterial population that they do not allow certain organisms to grow. The aim of this project is to develop new ways to culture and grow microbes that allow for true identification rather than through genetic tests that are costly and time consuming.
9. Clean haircut. When people get haircuts (especially guys), they have the remnants of cut hair on their neck and clothes. People have busy schedules that might not let them go home to shower and change. The aim of this product is to develop an instrument that can attract the cut hair, much like a magnet attracts metals, from the person to deter itching.
10. Food shortages. The foods that we eat are becoming scarce due to changes in the earth's composition. The aim for this project would be to investigate indigenous foods, such as eating insects (whose population is numerous), to explore new ways to nurture a starving world.