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Class Projects


Terrill Yazzie, Project List, 2/12/2012

1. Target medicines/antibiotics. Many medicines are not site specific and travel the body via the circulatory system and travel to areas where they are not needed before they any take any action of therapy. The aim of this project will be to formulate medicines that are "smarter" with site recognition proteins by knowing exactly where the ailment lies which will help in med therapy.
2. T-4 Phages workers. If medications for certain organs need to be administered, these phages can work to our advantage by delivering meds to a specific organ or site. The aim of this project is to create phages that have docking proteins for specific body parts or organs. The medication will have an increase in its effectiveness and doses will not be as large since the target area is specific.
3. Aging. The fountain of youth has long been coveted. Deeper exploration of The aim of this project is to study the cells dividing clock which can shed answers about this natural process to discover if we can alter the clock and how it contributes to aging.
4. Wonder coat. There are days where it looks like a nice day, but then the weather takes a turn for the worse, and you wore a light jacket. The aim of this project is to create a light coat with durable material that has a dual function of allowing the wearer comfort in any weather conditions. Wonder coat will be The perfect coat for any weather, light for warm days and warm for cold days making it the only coat ever needed..
5. Bee safe. Bees play an important role in plant reproduction, and their populations are decreasing due to human activities. This project seeks To find the underlying cause of the depleted bee populations, and not just the symptoms. This project could start out by developing a safe haven for bees or an area that is protected like a refuge.