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Class Projects


Jason Kimble, Project List, 1/30/2012

1. Human-Elephant conflict (HEC) reduction. Due to human encroachment into traditional elephant habitat, encounters with elephants are on the rise. The result of which is often death of a villager, destroyed croplands and, subsequently, the death of the elephant(s). The aim of this project is to provide villagers and farmers with new and innovative technology that frightens off the elephants; therefore, reducing the need to kill invading elephant(s).
2. Prosthetics for victims of violence. A reality of war is that prosthetic advances often accompany US conflicts. There are many victims of violence across the globe that could benefit greatly from the use of our prosthetic technology but lack the institutions and financial means. The aim of this project is to take current technology and use innovation to create prosthetics that can be produced inexpensively but function similar to more advanced prosthetics. This technology would be shared and distributed to victims of violence across the globe.
3. Energy use. Have an app that could be downloaded from either a computer or smartphone that monitors electricity and gas use in real time. The aim is to present individuals with a means to monitor their energy use in an effort to reduce energy consumption.
4. Medicine disposal. Hospitals and individuals dispose of medicine improperly and these chemicals find their way into the environment. The aim of this project is to explore why individuals are so misinformed about the proper way to dispose of unused medicines and to come up with ideas about educating the public about proper disposal techniques. Also the aim of this project is to explore an innovative way for the safe destruction of these unused medicines.

Spun Off to Transportation Safety Working Group
5. Vehicle alcohol prevention device. DWI is a huge issue in the state of New Mexico and across the country. The aim of this project is to develop technology or use existing technology to prevent the vehicle from operating if an individual has consumed too much alcohol to safely drive the vehicle.