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Class Projects


Transportation Safety Working Group, Project List, 2/1/2012

 Several students have proposed projects related to transportation safety. All of these projects are collected here.

 Paul Szauter 1/18/2012
10. Airport Security. Measures to ensure airport security are intrusive and inconvenient to passengers, and not completely effective in enforcing secuity. The aim of this project is to improve the methods used to provide airport security to reduce the inconvenience to travelers without compromising security.
13. Why Doesn't Your Cell Phone Talk to Your Car? Smartphones are widespread. Cars are increasingly equipped with complex electronics. The aim of this project is to explore areas in which a secure interaction between smartphones and automobiles would be useful.

 Davynne Atanasoff 1/25/2012
6. Ice Be Gone. The aim of this product is to eliminate the hassle of scrapping ice off window shields. A spray that can be placed on car windows that would keep the glass above freezing would be perfect to accomplish this goal. The spray would be safe to use on all glass and would only need to be applied once a month.

 Justin Allen Burr 1/29/2012
2. Windshield wipers that won't freeze. This will be useful in very cold weather conditions, you have defrost to stop your windows from freezing but if it is cold and snowing your windshield wiper will collect ice on them. It would be nice to have heated wiper blades so this would not happen.

 Elizabeth Terese Montano 1/30/2012
5. Traffic Alerts. There is a need for drivers to become more aware that there is something in the road, roadwork, police pulled over, a stalled vehicle etc. A device should be made in all cars that pans out X number of miles and can recognize oddities in the road so when there is a tire in the road or a mattress or a dog a red box will appear in the area where it is in the road ahead to warn you.
8. Timely Shield. This is for the people who have poor night vision but enjoy the tint of their car windows during the day. It is making car window tint like the glasses we have. Also to get rid of those origami windshield visors vehicles should have a button that releases one built into the car with the brand logo on it. We have these for the sun roofs, why not the windshield?
11. Personal BAC Test. This is a device that can more accurately test your blood alcohol content and mimics the design of the blood glucose levels that diabetics use. This may have field applications but is certainly good for personal usage and is more discrete than those currently existing.
12. Dude Where's My Car/Keys/Remote/Wallet/Purse. This is for those of us that cannot remember where we parked our car but the signal from your keys doesn't travel far enough to hear your car from any great distance. This is for people who cannot remember where their purse is or in the case of theft, etc. The idea is a location device that is small can be placed in anything and can be located at any distance. Multiple location devices can be used and synced to the same phone where the location will be visible on a map.

 Jason Kimble 1/30/2012
5. Energy from cars. In real time, energy could be collected from moving vehicles and put into the grid. The aim of this project is to put to use energy from moving vehicles that would otherwise be wasted.
6. CO detector. Incorporate a CO detector inside the car that shuts down the vehicle above a certain threshold. The aim is to avoid deaths by CO.
11. Alcohol car monitor. DWI is a huge issue in the state of New Mexico and across the country. The aim of this project is to develop technology that measures a person's alcohol content in their skin and incorporate this technology into the steering wheels of cars. This would prevent someone who has consumed too much alcohol from driving.

 Bernadette Correa 1/30/2012
3. Driving Ms. Daisy, the remake. All automatic grids eliminate human drivers, coordinate routes, and works as public transportation. No more personal vehicles.
5. Turning? A device that is placed in vehicles that does not allow a person to turn or switch lanes unless the turn signal is on.
6. School Zones. Automatically syncs with vehicles once they enter a school zone during "flashing" times and slows the cars/trucks down to the adjusted speed until they exit the zone.
7. Heated Squeegee. Hand-held squeegee that heats as it goes. To be used in the morning when you just don't have enough time to scrape the ice off the windshield.
10. Roomba for the Car. Works like a Roomba but for the car.