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Class Projects


Education Technology Working Group, Project List, 2/2/2012

 Several students have proposed projects related to education technology. All of these projects are collected here.

 Davynne Atanasoff 1/25/2012
1. My First Markers. Having an incorrect utensil hold can result in weakness of various hand muscles. Occupational therapists spend much of their time reteaching children how to write and color holding the utensil correctly. The aim of this project is provide a marker that can only be held the correct way. This marker will eliminate thumb wrap and fist grip when holding the marker.
2. Mirror Mirror On The Wall. Low self-esteem in young girls is becoming a growing problem. The aim of this project is to instill the value of confidence in these young girls. An interactive mirror, modeled off the Disney movie Snow White, which says positive things about the people looking in the mirror. The child would ask, "Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful of them all?" The mirror would reply various responses such as, "Abby is the most beautiful of them all because she is loving, caring, and has a big heart."
5. Art Mat. The aim of this goal is to make it easier to set up and wash an area for an art project. A machine washable mat, that both folds and attaches to itself by Velcro, would allow it to fit most tables as well as make it an easy clean up.

 Sarah Kintner 2/4/2012
1. Dilemma Eraser. Software program that hears a dilemma in the room where the computer has a microphone input that recognizes "a dilemma" in the voice of the person in the room. The program plays 3 things to the person in the room:
  • Encourages positive viewpoint on the problem
  • The program tells the person that they can find a satisfying outcome (even if it is letting go temporarily.)
  • Gives an example of the way others have solved similar problems in history.

The Dilemma Eraser relies on a voice recognition system that detects auditory distress and a list of key word indicating agitation in the voice. The Dilemma Eraser intends to non-invasively divert the attention of the stress individual away from the immediate No 1 reaction and move them to a calmer behavior where the No 2 reaction can be started. Giving examples of past situation from real life points the individual toward resolution rather than letting the mind pull to an extreme thought position feeling there is no way out. The Dilemma Eraser will be no larger than a cell phone and require only an occasional battery charge.


 Elizabeth Terese Montano 1/30/2012
3. Nook-A-Like. This product is for everyone. The idea is a nook-like device able to upload books, journals etc. that reads the document to you (whether its been made available in audio or not), is voice recognized and hand controlled, has the ability to make margin notes and highlight, and have document sharing. For example if I were listening to Linchpin and liked a particular paragraph or phrase I could say highlight from word X to word Y. I could also say add note speak the note and say play to keep on rolling along.

 Jennifer Piarowski 1/30/2012
3. Field-worthy device to identify species. locality based software that can be downloaded from a source on the web
  • i.e. species (dichotomous key) for northern New Mexico, or southern New Mexico, or Eastern Colorado
  • species information will include plants and animals of the given region
  • gps capable to take point where a species was identified
  • photo capabilities that can be tagged with gps information
  • platform capable of other software downloads, i.e. google maps?, altimeter?, note capable?, internet capable?
  • screen visible in full light, larger display